As I’ve been reaching out to men about the upcoming Tantra of the Sacred Warrior course there have been a few objections or questions men have expressed. They’re not sure if this course is for them or not.

These guys fall onto one side or the other of a spectrum:

– Guy A has little to no sex, lots of shame, and has maybe even given up hope that what he wants is possible.

– Guy B has an abundance of sex with as many women as he wants. But he’s bored with it. It’s shallow and lacks the depth that he senses is somehow available.

On the surface both of these guys seem really different from one another, but the truth is they are both experiencing the same issue: They are cut off from a deeper experience of intimacy, fulfillment, and connection.

The solution involves internal reorganization of our relationship to our bodies and our pleasure so that we can begin to access the deeper states of body/soul nourishment that we’re built for.