Masculine Empowerment


10 week deep dive into Tantra Sexual Arts – Radical Courage – Transforming Unwanted Behaviors

The Tantra of The Sacred Warrior-
a men’s personal journey

Far too often, men give away their power.
To avoid conflict, to get sex needs met, to social pressure,
to sexual shame, and unwanted behaviors

Now take your power back!

Be proud, be magnetic, be confident, be The Sacred Warrior!

“Tanja has helped me face some big issues – I realized limiting beliefs that no amount of self -improvement, and seminars (including Tony Robbins) could do. She has truly shattered my beliefs around masculinity, energy, and sexuality. I’m honored to call her a mentor and look forward to more of her teachings getting out there.”

Cheyenne K – Canada

“Robert, it’s amazing and liberating to feel the possibility of connecting with women in this way. It was starting to feel like a pipe dream before joining the community. This course has been such a powerful experience so far. Thank you for doing this important work.”



You desire a deep understanding of your full sexual potential

You crave an extraordinary life of radical courage

You want to be a
a magnetic lover

You want to release sexual shame, guilt, or subconscious programs holding you back

Surgery, illness, or age has
your sex life

You’ve been sucked into
the porn trap

You’re tired of being the
confused nice guy

You want to level up your man game and feel your masculine empowerment

“When I first heard Tanja’s voice on the phone, I instantly knew something was radically different and intriguing about her. Relatively soon after that, at one of the lowest points in my life, I reached out to Tanja for guidance. My life has subsequently shifted in ways I could not imagine at the time. Now, Tanja is not one coddle or bullshit to make anyone feel good.  I am regularly amused by her shockingly candid heartfelt manner.

There are few people in this world I trust as much as Tanja.  If you want a vivid vibrant life of freedom and presence, then take Tanja’s classes.

Doug Sparks- Sufi teacher and 5th Dan Aikido instructor


We’ll get together each week starting TBA 2022 on a Zoom call. 

With both Lecture and breakout practices, these calls are approximately 60 minutes long

We’ll get together each week starting TBA 2022 on a Zoom call. 

With both Lecture and breakout practices, these calls are approximately 60 minutes long

All the Zoom links, LESSON REPLAYS and extra support will be in our Private Facebook Group, which we ask you to join after signing up. Tanja will regularly answer questions and be right there with you.

10 weeks of full-on deep life-altering ancient techniques meet new brain science information and practices

  Discover Deep Sexual Self Awareness 

 Release Your Energetic Holding Patterns

 Self Rescue Techniques                           

Sync up Body and Brain                         

  Respond instead of React                   

  Integrate Sexual Shame and Trauma

  End Sexual Frustration

  Solve the Mysteries of What She Wants

  Learn Tantric Sexual Arts

  Ignite Your Peak Arousal


Everyone who pays in full with a single payment will receive a 45 min 1
on 1 coaching call with Tanja. ($147 value)

There is no nudity or sexual touching during the zoom calls.

“Tanja made an impact on my life from the first moment we met.

As I walked in the door for my first workshop, my immediate impression of her was she genuine, authentic, and real. She brings a level of comfort and trust to the room, unlike anything I have experienced.

Working with Tanja has helped me become a man that I can be proud of. I know with my continued education I will be able to experience a life that far exceeds my expectations.”

Weston Serame- Model, Wilhelmina Agency

Who’s Your Trainer?

Tanja Diamond

Tantra Sex Guru

She is a Pioneer in Transforming and
Expanding the limits of Human Potential and an expert in Radical Courage.

A Tantra Lineage Holder, Biohacker, and Master Life Strategist of 30+ years, she has been called “Maverick Leader” for her work in assisting others to transform trauma and other unwanted behaviors holding them back from extraordinary living.

With Ok so here’s the deal, there is no hard sell to this program.

This is so needed.

Having worked with other 82K people and 35,000 hours of coaching thousands of men I care about this greatly. It’s time for men to regain their Masculine Empowerment and step into the light.

Beginning TBA 2022

The price for the 10-week program is just $1,197


You can break it into 2 payments of $598.50


And here’s the promise

NO man who needs this gets turned away for lack of funds.
Even if all you can afford is $150


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“Tanja, I came to recognize some realizations that I was not being that enlightened man. Through this workshop I realized the importance of feeling the energy and feeling the moment that I’m in; to both receive and take in energy. This is absolutely vital in building connections. Being the man, taking charge, being true to myself, and having 100% laser focus, that’s masculine energy.”


Long past the program’s end, the skills you learn will continue to
empower the sacred warrior in you for the rest of your life.


You deserve to be all you can be as a sexually healthy, magnetic, proud man.


We are so excited to guide you to the most powerful experience we believe anyone can have.

And she will thank you too!

“Tanja, I decided to take the next training because I had felt a few moments of the separation between orgasm and ejaculation in the last training and I wanted more (and so did she).

OMG! Get out of town! This is flipping brilliant! When I told my buddies I am a multi orgasm man they laughed at me. Then when they saw my lover making special trips to see me in the middle of the day, looking like she couldn’t get enough of me they started asking questions. Trust me I gave them an earful and sent them your way! Thanks don’t cut it!”

Steve (lasting-longer) M- Seattle

One Payment of $1197

Two Payments of $589.50


Q- Where do I find all the class and call information?

A – We have everything set up in our Private Facebook Group. You will get an email with the link to access it once you are registered.

Q- Do I need a partner for this?

A – No, this is a solo journey. You can be partnered, however this is for you and about you.

Q- Will you be demonstrating on the call and do we get naked on the call?

A – No to both. This is not needed to learn the healing practices or have them work for you.

Q- I have had issues for over 20 years and have tried everything why will this be different?


A – We will teach practices that are multidimensional, working with the physical, neuro-chemical, emotional, and energetic components. There is nothing like this work anywhere in the world.

Q- Are you trauma trained?

A – Tanja says, “Yes and I have been working with people with sexual abuse challenges for over 30 years.”

Q- What if I don’t want to be in a group with other men, will I still get results?


A – Yes. While it is not mandatory you engage with the private Facebook group to get results, you will need to access it to get the call links. We do say based on our years of experience, men heal better in community and you’ll miss all the valuable content and expert advice we give in the group. So go ahead and join.

Q- Do I have to interact on the ZOOM call?


A – We will be doing live practices and exercises on the calls. You are always at full choice as to how much you share with others.

Q- What if I am in a time zone that doesn’t work for the calls, will I still get the benefit?


A – Yes. All the calls are recorded and you can access them anytime and get on the FB group to interact and ask questions as well.

Q- You said no one gets turned down if they can’t afford the program fee, is this true and how can you do that?


A – Yes, it’s true. All you need to do is go to the payment options buttons and pick the one that works for you. The full price if you can afford it, 2 pay option, a donation option for anyone who needs a price break, yes even pay $150 if that’s what you can.  We want all men to have access to this training. Please share this page with every man you can.

Q- Do you offer refunds?


A – Yes. If you have paid the full price and if after the first call you don’t feel this is right for you then please let me know and I’ll refund you. I must receive your email refund request by DTBD. Email REFUND in the subject line.

Q- I’m a Christian, will the practices go against my faith?


A – No, we work with people from many different belief systems and faiths. And if you have a concern about something please let us know and we might be able to modify something.

Q- Will I have to share my trauma story or private details with you or strangers?


A – No. This is not talk therapy. Truthfully we have worked with some of the most horrid trauma cases in the world and our system works without us knowing what has happened. If you want to share in the FB group you may however this is not about where you have been as much as where you are going.

“Tanja is a healer and leader in nurturing and developing human potential and sexual transformation. When others in the world of Tantra focus on masking old Western techniques and approaches with Eastern language and empty actions, Tanja is actually an experienced and legitimate teacher working with others to embrace the craft and art of being a fully awakened human.”

Jeff L. Coach, Washington