Press Kit for Robert and Tanja – Masculine Empowerment

Joint Bio

Tanja Diamond and Robert Schwenkler are a stand for masculine empowerment. Through their combined 4+ decades in the field they’ve guided men to sexual mastery, living courageously, and inhabiting impeccable integrity.

Their partnership began after Robert ruffled feathers by sticking his nose where it didn’t belong on Tanja’s Facebook wall. Fortunately, she accepted his subsequent invitation to a 1 on 1 conversation, and to the complete surprise of both a powerful collaboration was born.

The Tantra of the Sacred Warrior is the distillation of over 30,000 hours’ experience coaching thousands of men and women. The practices they teach are forged from ancient technologies combined with modern brain science, with a proven 99% success rate. Transforming trauma and unwanted behaviors to the power of Radical Courage and Unforgettable Sexual Prowess.

Join us for workshops, online programs, or one on one work. Check out to take the Sexual Mastery Self-Assessment or schedule a free discovery call with Tanja or Robert.

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Robert & Tanja